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While You are Stuck at Home?

435X AWD Partial Front Close-Up DarkCarousel image435X AWD Front Close-Up Dark435X AWD Front-Side Close-Up Dark535 AWD Top Close-Up Dark535 AWD Front Close-Up Dark535 AWD Side up the Hill Dark
New AWD Automower®Carousel image535 AWD Turning on the Hill435X AWD Crossing Hill535 AWD Going up the Hill435X AWD Going up the Hill535 AWD Top of the Hill435X AWD Perfect Lawn

Lawn Robotics is proud to be one of the first dealers in North America to have one of the all new Automower® 435X AWD as a demo model! Contact us today to schedule a demo on your lawn!

435X AWD Front-Side Close-UpCarousel image435X AWD Overhead Close-Up

see it in action!